Prophetess Justine Simmons

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Prophetess Justine Simmons

Prophetess Justine Simmons joined Zoe Ministries in the early 1990's. She met and married Rev. Run and they have five beautiful children with one on the way. Prophetess Justine has witnessed first hand the prophetic word of the Lord with many many prophecies coming to pass. From the television show she and her husband star in weekly with their family on MTV, to her designer jewelry line that was first prophesied by the Master Prophet.

Also, the word of the Lord came forth about her children's book. Her first book will be published by Harper Collins entitled, "God, can you hear me?" The book should be out January or February 2007.

One of my husband's favorite affirmation from his book, "Words of Wisdom, Daily Affirmations of Faith, by Rev. Run" is: Enjoy the present! Are you waiting for that special occasion? If you're not happy right now, then it doesn't matter what's in your future --you could even win a free trip to Hawaii, yet once you get there you'll be waiting for the next high. The truth is, the only good time you will ever have is right now. Not when you get that new car and not when you get that new house. If you enjoy now, you'll have a much better time later!"

The prophetic word spoken to me from the Prophets is life changing. You don't want to miss Prophecology August 2006 where the Master Prophet and the company of Prophets will speak life.